Chapter 18: States & Societies in Sub-Saharan Africa

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    • KC-3.1.E.iii
      • The expansion of empires including Mali in West Africa facilitated Afro-Eurasian trade & communication as new people were drawn into the economies & trade networks
    • KC-3.1.I.A.iv
      • Improved transportation technologies & commercial practices led to an increased volume of trade & expanded the geographical range of existing trade routes, including the trans-Saharan trade routes
    • KC-3.1.II.A.i
      • The growth of interregional trade was encouraged by innovations in existing transportation technology
        • Camel saddle, caravans
    • KC-3.1.I.A.ii
      • Example of how improved transportation technologies & commercial practices led to growth of powerful new cities
    • KC-3.2.I.D.ii
      • In Africa (like Eurasia & America) state systems demonstrated continuity, innovation, & diversity & expanded in scope & reach

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