Chapter 25: Africa

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    • KC-4.3.II.A.ii
      • The expansion of maritime trading networks fostered the growth of states in Africa including Asante & the Kingdom of Kongo, whose participation in trading networks led to an increase in their influence
    • KC-4.1.IV.D.ii
      • Slavery in Africa continued in its traditional forms, including incorporation of slaves into households & the export of slaves to the Mediterranean & the Indian Ocean region
      • The Atlantic trading system involved the movement of labor-including slaves- and the mixing of African, American, & European cultures & peoples, with all parties contributing to this cultural synthesis
    • KC-4.1.IV.D.i
      • The Atlantic trading system involved the movement of goods, wealth & labor including slaves
    • KC-4.2.III.C
      • Some notable gender & Family restructuring occured, including demographic changes in Africa that resulted from the slave trade

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