Chapter 34: An Age of Anxiety

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    • KC-6.2.I.B
      • Between the two world wars, Western and Japanese imperial states predominantly maintained control over colonial holdings in some cases:
    • KC-6.3.I.B
      • Following WWI & the onset of the Great Depression, governments began to take a more active role in economic life
    • KC-6.3.I.A.i
      • In the Soviet Union, the government controlled the national economy through the Five Year Plans, often implementing repressive policies with negative repercussions for the population
    • KC-6.3.I.B
      • Fascist corporatist economy is another example of governments beginning to take a more active role in economic life
    • KC-6.2.IV.B.ii
      • All of what we have been talking about will lead to World War II (next chapter)

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