Chapter 35: National & Political Identities in Asia, Africa & America

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    • Please watch the following video about the development of British Direct control of India (Review) and the development of the Indian National Congress. The second half of this video is a PERFECT example of the developing anti-imperial movements developing before during and after WWI. SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This perfectly explains what is happening in Chapter 35
    • If for some reason this video doesn’t work. It is on youtube. Search BBC The story of India Episode 6
    • I want you to watch the video and take notes. You need to take a picture of the notes and send it to me over remind or email. I will be checking this today.

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    • KC-6.2.III.C
      • The rise of extremist groups in power led to the attempted destruction (acts of genocide, ethnic violence) of specific populations

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