Chapter 15: India & the Indian Ocean Basin

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  • Key Concepts for this chapter
    • KC-3.2.I
      • As the Abbasid Caliphate fragmented, new Islamic, political entities emerged. These states demonstrated continuity, innovation & diversity
    • KC-3.2.I.B.i
      • State formation & development demonstrated continuity, innovation & diversity, including the new Hindu & Buddhist states that emerged in South & Southeast Asia
      • Khmer Empire, Sinhala Dynasty
      • Islam’s core beliefs & practices, continued to shape societies in South and Southeast Asia
      • Bhakti Movement – another example of Hinduism, Islam, & Buddhism core beliefs & practices continued to shape societies in South & Southeast Asia
    • KC-3.1.C.ii
      • The growth of interregional trade in Luxury goods was encouraged by significant innovations in previously existing transportation & commercial technologies, including the use of the compass, the astrolabe, & larger ship designs
    • KC-3.1.A.ii
      • Improved transportation technologies & commercial practices led to an increased volume of trade & expanded the geographical range of existing trade routes, including the Indian Ocean, promoting the growth of powerful new trading cities.
    • KC-3.1.A.iii
      • The Indian Ocean trading network fostered the growth of states

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